MarioMix: Creating Aligned Playstyles for Bots with Interactive Reinforcement Learning

Christian Arzate Cruz and Takeo Igarashi

The University of Tokyo

This paper was presented at CHI Play 2020

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In this paper, we propose a generic framework that enables game developers without knowledge of machine learning to create bot behaviors with playstyles that align with their preferences. Our framework is based on interactive reinforcement learning (RL), and we used it to create a behavior authoring tool called MarioMix. This tool enables non-experts to create bots with varied playstyles for the game titled Super Mario Bros. The main interaction procedure of MarioMix consists of presenting short clips of gameplay displaying precomputed bots with different playstyles to end-users. Then, end-users can select the bot with the playstyle that behaves as intended. We evaluated MarioMix by incorporating input from game designers working in the industry.




Christian Arzate Cruz, and Takeo Igarashi."MarioMix: Creating Aligned Playstyles for Bots with Interactive Reinforcement Learning" In Extended Abstracts of the Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play (CHI Play), 2020



Download Java executable: MarioMix.jar (tested on Ubuntu 20.04)